Over the past few years Symbid has developed several software products suitable for alternative finance. This is offered to and operated with 3rd parties.



Crowdfunding platform


Symbid has developed advanced crowdfunding software which is offered to and operated with third parties. The software allows for entrepreneur to present their investment opportunity to a crowd of investors. Investors can easily invest. The software also allows for entrepreneurs to keep investors up to date about the progress of their business.


Monitoring by Symbid


Symbid Monitor chartSymbid offers its monitoring technology as a standalone product for business partners. Monitoring enables you to track the real-time performance of private companies on an ongoing basis.


Financial data is imported from accountant reporting systems, resulting in powerful reporting for optimal risk and return management. Standardized data allows for comparison of business performance within your portfolio. Investors and entrepreneurs both receive a personalized dashboard with KPIs based on the numbers that matter to them.