Since 2011 we have been committed to simplifying the way start-ups and small businesses are funded with new innovations.

Corporate structure


A cooperative entity
Symbid Corp. operates through Symbid B.V., a private limited liability company registered in the Netherlands. Symbid B.V. is registered as a cooperative entity under Dutch law. This enables Symbid to operate with more flexibility when it comes to accepting payments from across the European Union and beyond.

A portfolio of innovation
Symbid conducts all business-related activity through Symbid B.V., which Symbid Corp. fully controls through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Symbid Holding B.V. Symbid has ownership interests in several affiliated companies active within the European financial technology industry. See our Portfolio for more information.

A publicly listed crowdfunding platform
Symbid became the world’s first publicly listed crowdfunding platform in December 2013. We are now listed on OTC Markets as “SBID”. Our listing in the U.S. enables us to proceed with our strategy of international expansion in a way that is consistent with our corporate vision of making finance more inclusive.


Management team


Korstiaan Zandvliet

Korstiaan Zandvliet, co-founder and CEO of Symbid Corp., has been involved in several high-growth, internationally oriented start-ups. After his studies in business and entrepreneurship, Korstiaan co-founded one of the world’s first investment crowdfunding platforms – Symbid. Recently, he oversaw the successful release of this company to OTC Markets in the U.S. Korstiaan is personally involved in several initiatives improving the investment eligibility of SMEs on a national and international scale. A frequent speaker at conferences and corporate events, Korstiaan is internationally recognized as an authority in the field of financial technology.


Maarten van der Sanden

Maarten van der Sanden, co-founder and COO, has previously served as our Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer and has been working with Symbid since its inception in 2011. With an extensive academic background in business, finance, and entrepreneurship, Maarten has been responsible for the operational and financial side of many original, innovative start-ups in the Netherlands in recent years – including an electric car company, RotoSocio, which was recently purchased by the leading car-sharing provider in the Netherlands.