Untitled-8Symbid Corp. possesses ownership interests in several innovative companies active within the financial technology industry.






Equidam is one of the first online business valuation tools worldwide. Initially organized as an in-house project of Symbid, Equidam raised its starting capital on the Symbid crowdfunding platform and became a Symbid spin-off in early 2013. Equidam offers one of the most sophisticated online valuation tools for small private companies on the market, and has recently expanded into monitoring. In addition to Equidam’s strong relationship with Symbid, this company has entered into partnerships with a number of European crowdfunding platforms in order to provide its services to these platforms also. In this sense, Equidam is one of the world’s first crowdfunding service providers.

Symbid has offered the Equidam product – available to both entrepreneurs and investors – to its customers since the company’s inception in 2013. Based on this experience and our firm belief that Equidam offers added value to Symbid’s crowdfunding activities, Symbid Corp. hopes to further integrate the Equidam product within The Funding Network in 2015.

As of August 2013, Symbid Corp. possesses a 10% interest in Equidam Holding B.V. The online valuation tool for private companies with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, Equidam now also offers monitoring services to investors on the Symbid platform.

The Kredietpaspoort (Credit Passport) is an online “passport” which provides up-to-date information about entrepreneurs and their business. The product is designed to be used by private investors to quickly assess the prospects and reliability of start-ups, SMEs and their owners before making an investment. In essence, the Credit Passport is a simple-to-use yet comprehensive online tool which provides the necessary information for all lenders.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs gain insight into their funding potential with specific information about the types of investor attracted to their business and why they choose to invest or not. Furthermore, entrepreneurs are immersed in investment terminology and can learn how to target investors more effectively. The service enables investors and entrepreneurs to do business in a more efficient, streamlined fashion and reduces uncertainty for both sides.

The Credit Passport complements The Funding Network by enabling entrepreneurs to create an online summary of critical investor information, thereby eliminating the costly paper trails which currently inhibit entrepreneurs in raising funds. Symbid Corp. is currently a minority shareholder in the Krietpaspoort initiative. Developed in close collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, this project recently received a grant from the Dutch government in order to ensure a swift, effective roll-out in the Netherlands.