Parent company of Symbid, The Funding Network™


Where companies get funded and grow
Symbid Corp. is the parent company of Symbid, the go-to platform for start-ups and small businesses in search of funding. The Funding Network™ gives entrepreneurs direct access to all forms of finance, while offering investors full transparency on the potential risks and returns of their portfolio – all made possible by our advanced, online investing and monitoring technology.


Our vision

People all over the world are becoming better connected, leading to cheaper, faster and simpler access to products and services. Yet the current flow of funding and finance does not reflect this new reality.

The entrepreneurs and investors who form the SME backbone of our economies frequently experience obstacles and barriers when seeking to connect, fund and grow.

We must re-think our access to capital.


The Symbid solution

As a global frontrunner in online crowdfunding, Symbid was quick to identify the need for efficient, data-driven SME finance. We have invested heavily in the development of advanced investing, monitoring and data tools, placing Symbid ahead of all current players worldwide.

Built around cutting-edge technology and sound financial advice, The Funding Network™ delivers clear benefits to entrepreneurs seeking funding and investors in search of exciting opportunities.